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[S2E17] Smart And Stupid [VERIFIED]

Dennis Putman Bailey and David Bischoff disliked the first five minutes of "Samaritan Snare" so much that they were inspired to pitch their own story for The Next Generation. This eventually became the episode "Tin Man" in the third season.[2] They said that the opening was "hokey", and also felt that several of the plot elements were "stupid" such as sending Picard to a Starbase where there were no doctors qualified to perform his surgery. They also criticised Troi's remark about La Forge being in danger, as she was completely ignored.[4]

[S2E17] Smart and Stupid

At home, Malcolm is happy, acknowledging that there is nothing like 2 days at the hospital to make him appreciate his own home. Then Lois reveals Malcolm's hospital bill and hate to think how much more it would've been if he'd had the operation. Hal states they can no longer afford a summer vacation and Dewey finds it unfair they all have to pay for Malcolm faking appendicitis. Malcolm tells him he wasn't faking and how he'd proved them wrong, Reese then argues if he's so smart why he didn't figure it out sooner, Hal then wonders if he'd like to answer that for all of them. Malcolm now realizes there's nothing like 10 seconds at home to make him appreciate the hospital.

The Fentons aren't stupid. Sure, they're slow at times... but they aren't stupid. And they don't like grappling with the idea that their son might be the half-ghost they've been hunting for years. They just might need to, though- especially when Vlad shows up trying to play the 'good graces' card and ends up showing he's not the man they once thought he was.

E: They tie him up, Endeavor has sent Gran Torino and some other pro heroes to their location based on Shoto being a bit smart and letting someone knew where he was going, but the flying Nomu swoops in stealthily, I guess. 041b061a72


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