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[S4E10] Graduation VERIFIED

Dean Foundry calls Clay to his office and says that he was voted class speaker for graduation. At therapy, Clay says he doesn't know how he can give a speech about the future when Justin is dying in the hospital.

[S4E10] Graduation

The senior students graduate; the graduation is attended by families and by old students like Ryan, Courtney, Chlöe and Scott. Jessica gives a speech about love and Clay speaks about surviving high school and how to find the best in life. He ends it with: "Even on the worst day, life is a pretty spectacular thing."

After graduation, all the graduates are hanging out in the gym with their parents. They talk about what they're going to study: Jessica and Alex go to Berkeley, Tyler is going to study photography and Zach is going to music school for guitar and voice. Ani says she's donating Mrs. Walker's money to the HO club and she and Jessica ask Estela to take over H.O. Diego asks Winston to hang later that week and Ryan flirts with Winston. Tyler and Estela are revealed to be dating.

Josh was watching some arousing content on TV when the teens burst inside to share their good news. Shahzad had been chosen to give the class Maverick speech at graduation. Amira ragged him that he was only chosen as sloppy seconds because the originally chosen student got arrested for selling weed. Shahzad thought she was jealous of him. She only wanted space from him after graduation. Time for him to prep his speech. 041b061a72


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