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Sadist Lover 1 Ebook Download

Sadist Lover 1 Ebook Download

If you are looking for a romantic and exciting story that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon, then you might want to check out the Sadist Lover series by aril_daine. This series follows the love-hate relationship between Lance Mariano, a handsome and arrogant sadist, and Miyuki Angela Lee, a feisty and independent girl. The first book of the series, Sadist Lover, is available as an ebook that you can download for free.

In this article, we will give you a brief overview of the Sadist Lover series, tell you where you can download the ebook version of the first book, and share some reviews from readers who enjoyed this story.

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What is the Sadist Lover series?

The Sadist Lover series is a popular Filipino romance novel series written by aril_daine. It was first published on Wattpad, a platform where writers can share their stories online. The series has over 16 million reads and 74 thousand votes on Wattpad. It was also published as a paperback book by Psicom Publishing in 2023.

The series consists of three books: Sadist Lover, Complicated Love, and Definitely a Sadist. The story revolves around Lance Mariano and Miyuki Angela Lee, two students who have opposite personalities and often clash with each other. Lance is a rich and handsome guy who likes to tease and torment Miyuki, while Miyuki is a smart and independent girl who does not tolerate Lance's bullying. However, as they spend more time together, they start to develop feelings for each other and face various challenges in their relationship.

The series is written in Taglish, a mixture of Tagalog and English languages. It is full of humor, drama, romance, and twists that will keep you hooked until the end. The characters are also relatable and realistic, as they deal with issues such as family, friendship, career, and self-esteem.

Where can I download the ebook version of Sadist Lover?

If you want to read the first book of the series, Sadist Lover, you can download it as an ebook for free from several websites. Here are some of the options:

  • [IDOCPUB]: This website allows you to download PDF files of various documents and e-books. You can find the PDF file of Sadist Lover by searching for its title or by clicking on this [link]. The file size is 2.3 MB and it has 175 pages.

  • [Wattpad]: This is the original platform where aril_daine posted her story. You can read it online or download it as an ebook using the Wattpad app. You can also leave comments and vote for the story if you like it.

  • [MUST READ STORIES]: This is a collection of recommended stories on Wattpad that includes Sadist Lover. You can find a short summary and a link to the story on this [page].

What do readers say about Sadist Lover?

Sadist Lover has received many positive reviews from readers who enjoyed the story and the characters. Here are some of the comments from Wattpad users:

"This is one of my favorite stories here in wattpad! I love how Lance and Miyuki's relationship developed from being enemies to lovers. They are so cute and funny together!" - @kathniel_14344

"I really like this story because it's not just about romance but also about friendship and family. I also learned a lot from Miyuki's character. She's strong, independent, and smart. She inspires me to pursue my dreams." - @angelicarico

"This story made me laugh so hard! Lance is such a jerk but also so sweet at times. I love how he teases Miyuki but also protects her from harm. They have a lot of chemistry and I can feel their love for each other." - @janellemae

If you want to read more reviews or share your own opinion about Sadist Lover, you can visit its Wattpad page or join its Facebook group.


Sadist Lover is a romantic and exciting story that will make you fall in love with Lance and Miyuki. You can download the ebook version of the first book for free from various websites or read it online on Wattpad. You can also check out the other books of the series, Complicated Love and Definitely a Sadist, if you want to know what happens next in their story. Happy reading!


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