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Nmcs Texture Pack For New Vegas !!BETTER!!

Answer your question1) I think it should be safe to install Dynavision. No other tweak is needed. I tried Dynavision briefly before without any problems. LOOT should sort it correctly.2) You can install medium option and activate it in the left pane instead of small pack. No need to do other steps. NMC has only textures and meshes.Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk

Nmcs Texture Pack For New Vegas

2. Unlike other mod managers, Mod Organizer handles conflicts automatically based on where the mod is located on the left panel; you don't need to untick and retick anything. If NMC is placed above Poco Bueno, then for any conflicting textures, Poco Bueno will overwrite NMC. This isn't important with texture mods; you'll still see the textures from both, but some of NMC's will be replaced with Poco's. If you want to install NMC Medium, you can either delete the Small one, or untick it and install the Medium version into a separate mod; when installing Part 1, change the name to whatever you'd like, and install Part 2 and merge it into the same mod. Then tick it and drag it above Poco Bueno's texture pack.


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