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80. Episode 80

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80. Episode 80

Following the apparent banishment of Not-Sasha at the end of the previous episode, Jonathan Sims is left with his apparent saviour. He has revealed himself to be Jurgen Leitner as well as the mysterious figure who had been previously seen living in the tunnels and stealing from the Archives.

In an episode months in the making, Krystal Kyle & Friends\u2019s Kyle Kulinski is joined by psychologist and political commentator Dr. Jordan Peterson. For Kyle, it\u2019s the \u201Cperfect situation\u201D of getting to speak with someone whose work in psychology and philosophy has been particularly interesting to him \u2014 but who differs from him significantly on most political issues. They\u2019re here for a back-and-forth on everything from Twitter controversies to Trump, economics, liberal versus conservative mindsets, and interpreting the results of Kyle\u2019s personality quiz.

From You, 2,000 Years Ago (二千年前の君から Nisen-nen Mae no Kimi Kara?) is the 21st episode of the 4th season and the 80th episode overall of the Attack on Titan anime, produced by MAPPA.

The twenty-eighth episode of Hetalia: World Series (eightieth in total for Hetalia) was broadcast on October 1, 2010. It adapts the remainder of Salted Salmon, Germany, and I from Hetalia: Axis Powers volume 3, as well as Chinese-style Mini Revolution from the webcomic Extra Stories.

Picking up from last episode's post-credits teaser, Japan tells Germany that he doesn't have to restrict himself while Germany insists that he must keep his word. Japan believes that they'll be able to overcome their suffering for the sake of their health, to which Germany states that he wouldn't mind the sacrifice. 041b061a72


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