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Flight YIFY

Flight 7500 is on its way to Tokyo. We are introduced to about a dozen quirky passengers or so with all their issues and hopes. The flight hits turbulence and a business man dies from.... The flight continues as we learn more about the passengers. It isn't until 43 minutes into the film, the first weird thing happens as we guess to not only what is happening, but as to the genre of the film...zombie? ghost?The clues come at you and by 20 minutes from the end, you should have it figured out, and if not wait another 10 minutes and they spell it out for you.This is a mystery-horror done Twilight Zone style. Interesting, worth the view.I was surprised that our EMT who knew how to use a defibrillator failed to do the proper compressions. 6 compressions, 2 breaths, followed by 5 compressions, 2 breaths...Okay guy is dead. And seriously, who does a home pregnancy test in an airplane bathroom?Parental Guidance: 1 F-bomb near end. No sex or nudity. No mention of mile high club. No couples under blankets. Some blood.

Flight YIFY

In Los Angeles, the Vista Pacific Flight 7000 departs to Tokyo in a ten- hour flight. The flight attendants Laura Baxter (Leslie Bibb) and Suzy Lee (Jamie Chung) receive the passengers, among them Brad (Ryan Kwanten) and his wife Pia Martin (Amy Smart) that have broken up; the newlywed Rick (Jerry Ferrara) and Liz Lewis (Nicky Whelan) that are traveling in a honeymoon trip; and the well-resolved Jacinta Bloch (Scout Taylor- Compton), who is sat close to Liz and Rick. Laura is having a love affair with the Captain Pete Haining (Johnathon Schaech) that is married and her behavior is questioned by Suzy. After passing by a turbulence, the passenger Lance Morrell (Rick Kelly) dies and the crew brings his body to the first class. Then there is a pressure drop in the cabin and Brad helps several passenger to use the oxygen mask. When the pressure returns to normal, Captain Haining loses contact with ground control. Soon weird things happen in the plane and Brad, Rick, Jacinta, Pia and Liz decide to investigate who Lace was. Soon they find that he was a dealer of dolls and a "shinigami" inside a wooden box. Jacinta explains that the Eastern doll would be equivalent to The Ripper; however she collects souls only if those that let go whatever hold them to Earth. What has happened to the Flight 7500? "7500" is a horror movie directed by the cult-director Takashi Shimizu from "The Grudge", with a good story that deserved a better screenplay. The creepy conclusion is a great twist and surprises any viewer. Unfortunately many of them did not understand the message of the story. First of all, death is part of life since everyone is going to die. Therefore, we should not waste time with insignificant things and try to resolve any problem with those we love; otherwise we would regret when time comes. Last but not the least, when death comes, the person shall have resolved whatever holds him or her to Earth; otherwise the person will be trapped in-between. Back to the movie, when Jacinta discovers what has happened to her, she easily waits for the "shinigami". However, the death doll does not collected the souls of the two couples since they still have problems between them. My vote is six.Title (Brazil): "Vôo 7500" ("Flight 7500")

Concerned about the prospects of logic and magic existing side-by-side in harmony, a Medieval wizard summons the help of a twentieth century board gamer inventor who believes in dragons in this popular animated feature film. The movie is adapted from two separate books about dragons: one that speculates the existence of dragons and their biology, and the other a more straightforward fantasy adventure yarn. Memorable as many of the action sequences are, the film is at its best when channeling the more speculative book. The pseudoscience behind dragons, how they breath fire and how they fly is endlessly fascinating. The film also crosses some curious science fiction territory as the game board inventor also gets to experience how a dragon mind works after the wizard accidentally melds him with a dragon. The vast majority of the film though channels the adventure tale, which is significantly less interesting, especially as the characters keep droning on about science versus magic. That said, the film offers some thought-provoking notions in terms of the role of magic in human evolution, such as the idea that television screens were inspired by the crystal balls of fortune tellers and that planes resulted from fairies inspiring humankind to consider flight. The film benefits from some decent vocal work too. Only Harry Morgan disappoints due to the distinctive nature of his voice; he always sounds like Col. Potter from 'M*A*S*H'. James Earl Jones is especially good as the chief villain and John Ritter is perfect as the easily excited protagonist.

I remember seeing The Flight of the Phoenix during the afternoon while I was in college with no late classes that day. As I watched it in the old Duffield Theatre in downtown Brooklyn, I was mesmerized by the terrific cast and the overwhelming sincerity with which they tackled their roles. Of course in analyzing the film, it's absolute nonsense what these plane crash survivors were able to do to escape their predicament. Build a plane out of the wreckage of the one they crashed in. Sheer unadulterated claptrap. But even viewing it today, it's a grand piece of adventure entertainment.The cast and direction are superb, there's not one bad performance or wasted line in the entire film. Robert Aldrich's direction is superb and considering he had FOUR Academy Award winners in his cast in the acting category, James Stewart, Ernest Borgnine, George Kennedy, and Peter Finch he's got the talent to work with.James Stewart even as a kid was fascinated with flight and every movie fan knows about how he enlisted and became a bomber pilot in World War II and served in the Air Force Reserve after, retiring as a Major General. He did previous films about aviation that didn't do so well like Strategic Air Command and the Spirit of St. Louis. Those films didn't do so well, but this one was a winner and Stewart's performance as Frank Towns, veteran pilot and leader of the group survivors, is a favorite of mine. Right at the beginning of the film in a conversation with navigator Richard Attenborough, Stewart reminisces about his early days as a flier and how you took pride in just getting to your destination. As he says those lines you can see in his face his love of his vocation, it's one of the most moving scenes General James Maitland Stewart did on the screen. You know Stewart must have jumped at this film for his love of aviation.Richard Attenborough, who come to think of it is also an Oscar winner albeit not in the acting category, has a great turn as the alcoholic navigator. Peter Finch who usually played characters with an edge or some complexity to them is very good as the brave British Army captain who Stewart and the oil company he flies for is giving a lift. Along with Finch is Ronald Fraser who's a sergeant and the opposite of Finch, shall we say not a king and country volunteer. They have a mini-conflict of their own in the film. Every one of these players could have been up for an Oscar, but Ian Bannen as "ratbags" the cynical Scotch oil worker got a nomination for Best Supporting Actor from the Academy. His lines have real bite to them.The main conflict is with Stewart and Hardy Kruger who plays the anal retentive Heinrich Dorfman who's an aircraft designer who comes up with the scheme to rebuild a new plane, but he needs a pilot of Stewart's experience to fly it. Their conflict, how it resolves, and who lives to take off in the Phoenix and who dies in the desert is the real story here.And for that, you'll just have to see this mesmerizing piece of cinema.

Do you really need to flaunt such oddball technolgy to make contact with the spirits? Wouldn't an Ouija board do?Average viewer wouldn't know the used apparatus from snake oil or a flying saucer's control panel, neither are they explained in any way.50th anniversary of the tragedy of flight 401 is near, so maybe this is why the story is revisited.Or is it just to appease the restless spirits?Don't get me wrong, I'm not the one to contest paranormal phenomena; They are as real as you believe they are. The Everglades crash site at night is creepy enough even without stressing the fact there are alligators and pythons.References to Bermuda Triangle and Coral Castle seem a bit like added frills, they don't really contribute to the story. Fact is that most flights in and out of Miami have the intended outcome. That said, it is an intriguing thought there are threeseparate air disasters just miles away from each other.A decent ghost story, if you are not too familiar with the case from earlier documents.

YTS.LT: YIFY Movies (the only official YIFY site) at , and The Flight of the Phoenix (1965) [BluRay] [1080p] [YTS] [YIFY] A cargo plane goes down in a sandstorm in the Sahara with less than a dozen men on board. One of the passengers is an airplane designer who comes up with the idea of ripping off the undamaged wing and using it as the basis for an airplane they will build to escape before their food and water run out. -flight-of-the-phoenix-1965 Download newest official YIFY movies first from only! 041b061a72


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